In this period of the environmental degradation, plantary pollution, and human ignorance, Earth is plummeting and rapidly reaching a point of no return. Scary, right? Take Action is doing our part at Perkiomen Valley High School to change the conversation, to make the student populace more conscious of our impact, to create a better generation of people.

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We help save the Earth. Come join us.

Take Action is an environmental club available to all grades at Perkiomen Valley High School. Our mission is to raise awareness about daily problems facing the earth, including climate change, pollution, and unfair treatment of animals. In past years, our club has taken part in several activities that contribute to promoting a cleaner earth. One of these activities was painting a mural, displaying a healthy side of the ocean versus a polluted ocean in which the health of the animals is deteriorating. Additionally, Take Action has created an annual fundraiser around the school that raises money for the international Humane Society. Our efforts to raise both awareness and money for environmental complications have  been successful a total of $2,093 has been donated to the Humane Society in the past couple years. Furthermore, Take Action initiated Meatless Mondays in the cafeteria from 2016-2018, allowing students to choose a healthier option, as well as protest against the effects of factory farming. The club plans on furthering their progress with solutions to environmental issues in the 2018 school year by carrying on fundraisers from last year. With our ever growing club, Take Action hopes to propel the environmentally conscious notion we have throughout PV by continuing fundraising and promoting change.

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